Today, Alexis Muñoz produces exceptional, singular and intense olives oils. Chefs aren’t mistaken, they work with the Man as well as with his nectars.

Qualified and graduated olive oil taster, its rigorous and precise palate made him an established Elaiologo. Alexis Muñoz is for olive oil what an oenologist is for wine. According to him, olive oil is a full-blown ingredient, more than a condiment.

« All that can be imagined
is real »

Instinctive entrepreneur and passionate about olive oil, Alexis Muñoz acquired its know-how during an initiatory journey all around the Mediterranean basin.
For 10 years, he travels always guided by olive trees road. He observed and took part in the production of numerous olive oils, sharing the daily life of a dozen of mills. It permits him to develop his expertise and its own clear vision of olive oil.


He breaks codes and bring a fresh and uncompromising look on quality, producing monovarietal olive oils. His challenge, guarantee the perfect balance between one olive variety and one fruit maturity.

No mix, no assembly, only the juice of the olives, harvested during the day and pressed in the night. His willingness is to propose unique olives oils with character, to whom he gives his name.

Accomplice of the Gastronomy world, he established production specifications equal to Chefs requirements, remaining accessible to all.
« With his bold approach,
he introduces the notion of vintage... »

With his bold approach, he introduces the notion of vintage, offering to his olive oils a strong typicity varying from year to another, according to harvests and weather conditions.  

Alexis Muñoz constantly share his knowledge, transmission is essential for him. His regular masterclasses at the Paul Bocuse Institute and at the Ferrandi School, testify and show his commitment alongside the Chefs of tomorrow.

Alexis Muñoz's ambitions are in the soil

Nowadays, France produces 3% of what it consumes. Alexis Muñoz’s ambitions are in the soil. As an expert, he wishes to accompany exploitations to develop their olive grove. In this context, he participates in the creation of a major olive trees plantation in the south of France.

Alexis Muñoz is a farmer,
producer and an Elaiologo

Simple and transparent
production methods

Make premium olive oils accessible
to as many people as possible