Today, Alexis Muñoz produces exceptional, singular, and intense olives oils. A qualified and graduated olive oil taster, Alexis’ rigorous and precise palate made him an established oleologist. Alexis Muñoz is for olive oil what an oenologist is for wine.

« All that can be imagined
is real »

An instinctive entrepreneur and passionate about olive oil, Alexis Muñoz acquired his know-how during an initial journey all around the Mediterranean basin.

For 10 years, his travels have been guided by olive trees. He observed and took part in the production of numerous olive oils, sharing the daily life of a dozen of mills. These journeys allowed him to develop his expertise and his own clear vision of olive oil.


Alexis brings a fresh and uncompromising look on quality, producing monovarietal olive oils. His ambition is to guarantee the perfect balance between olive variety and fruit maturity.

With his bold approach, he introduces the notion of vintage, offering to his olive oils a strong typicity varying from year to another, according to harvests and weather conditions.

« My passion guides me every day.
I am thrilled to make you discover the NECTAR program by inviting you to our plantations and mills. »
“Giving back to the Earth
more than what is taken from it”

Alexis Muñoz, fervent defender of environmentally friendly agriculture, works through the NECTAR program to respond to the challenges of climate change.
This operational program aims to develop a sustainable and resilient French olive sector, offering cleaner agriculture that is more respectful of the land, trees and fruits, while adapting to the consequences of climate imbalance.

A consistent approach with Alexis’values ​​that he has been holding for years.

Today, France only produces 2% of the olive oil it consumes. It is within this framework that NECTAR is part of an innovative and responsible dynamic, placing the earth and the olive tree at the heart of our commitment:

  • Acquire agricultural land, often abandoned, in order to create olive groves.
  • Support farmers in a transition towards diversification through the olive tree, using an exclusive agroecological approach.
  • Exploit unused land, thus contributing to the valorization of these unused resources.
  • Give back more to the earth than we take from it and leave a living legacy for future generations.

NECTAR: A regenerative organic olive sector in the
South West of France

Our team is on the move, serving those who wish to act to raise awareness, regenerate our soils and produce premium olive oils.

Within the framework of the NECTAR program, our medium-term objectives are:

  • Plant 1000 ha of olive groves and several tens of kilometers of diversified hedges
  • Store 30,000 Tons of CO2
  • Develop biodiversity and create ponds
  • Promote the richness of the soil
  • Create around 50 jobs and participate in the revitalization of the Occitanie region

Alexis Muñoz is an Oleologist 
and advise olive specialists
and farmers

Simple and transparent
production methods

Make premium olive oils accessible
to as many people
as possible