Created with Chefs, for Chefs.
Based on the quality of an exceptional environment and olive varieties with a strong typicity, Alexis Muñoz provides his expertise to create a genuine raw material, monovarietal, produced in limited quantities.


green fruits

Oliviere variety FR-BIO-10 certified – France

Monovarietal Extra Virgin olive oil. Created in the south of France, Tonique is produced with green olives, picked before maturity, at the beginning of October. It offers vegetal notes and tomatoes aromas, for a perfect balance between bitters and spices.

Great with salads, fresh goat cheese, burratas and raw vegetables.


ripe fruits

Arbequina variety, certified organic FR-BIO-10 – Rioja, Spain

Monovarietal Extra Virgin olive oil. Equilibre offers apple and hazelnut aromas. A sweet and very balanced olive oil.

Perfect with toasted bread, salad, pan con tomate, burratas, fish, sorbet and fruit salad.


over-ripe fruits

Picholine variety FR-BIO-10 certified – Gard, France

Monovarietal Virgin olive oil. Created in the Gard, region in the south of France, Intense is produced with black olives, picked at the end of December. Before extracting the oil, olives are put into a controlled fermentation. Olive oil with an intense and round taste. It offers a candied black olive aroma and tastes like plum and hazelnuts.

Ideal on cheese, toasted bread, vegetables, meat, fish, dish and sauce, chocolate and in general for pastry.

Création Citron

Aglandau Variety and Lemon

Aglandau variety FR-BIO-10 certified – Gard, France

A balanced combination of tastes based on olives and lemons that are pressed together, created by Alexis Muñoz. This olive oil is all about fruits and offers intense lemon aromas.

Perfect with fish, salads, sorbets and fruit salads.